A durable, globally-distributed pub/sub network.
  • Multi-region scale
  • Guaranteed message delivery
  • Native MQTT and WebSocket support
  • Both fan-out and queue-based messaging
// in the browser...
const client = io(clientCredentials);

// Send messages to the "greeting" topic

client.emit('greeting', 'Oh, hi there!', () => {

	console.log('message sent!');
// in the browser...
const client = io(clientCredentials);

// Listen for messages on the "greeting" topic

client.on('greeting', message => {

	console.log('message received:', message);

look familiar?

if you know socket.io, you know
with some extras...

Globaly Scalable

to connect users down the street or across continents

Native MQTT

for IOT devices, with WebSocket support for browsers

Guaranteed Delivery

by picking up where you left off after a reconnection

Redundant Storage

saves your messages in at least three separate locations

Causal Ordering

means messages always arrive in the correct order

Durable Queues

of all messages for asynchronous server-side processing

Topic Permissioning

gives you flexible, powerful auth schemes

Wildcard Subscriptions

retrieves messages for any topics that match

We're currently in closed beta.
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